…was referred to the Frankston AEC with a history of being quiet, not eating and vomiting for two days. As a young Labrador, the referring veterinarian knew that this was a big cause for concern – there always has to be a significant problem to put a Labrador off their food! Tilly was also known to be a chewer and she had passed a sock in her stools on the day that she became sick.

What had Tilly eaten?
Blood tests and Xrays showed that Tilly had a cloth foreign body in her intestine. Maybe it was the other half of the pair of socks? Tilly was started on fluid therapy and prepared for surgery. During this time, she was getting worse and started to vomit a nasty, brown fluid. At surgery, examination of her intestines revealed the sock, all scrunched up in a ball and very firmly wedged in the intestine. It was stopping anything moving down the intestinal tract and fluid and gas was backing up behind it, causing a lot of pain and stress to the lining of the gut. An incision was made into the intestine to recover the sock. This was sutured closed, as was the incision in her belly. Tilly had some on-going vomiting after the surgery and needed continued therapy with fluids, pain relief and drugs to reduce nausea.

Tilly’s recovery…
Amazingly, she was keen to start eating some warm, cooked chicken only 24 hours after surgery and continued to progress well. She went home after 2 days in hospital and was greeted with great joy by her family who were able to identify the sock!

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