Facilities & services

The Animal Emergency Centre is designed to function as an extension of the services already provided by your family veterinarian.

We provide:

  • State of the art emergency and critical care facility
  • Experienced emergency and critical care veterinarians and nurses
  • Intensive care unit
  • Diagnostic equipment
  • X-rays
  • Ultrasound
  • Endoscopy
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Respiratory monitoring
  • Pharmacy and lab services
  • Isolation room
Full Side Body View Of An Alaskan Malamute Dog

Consultation Rooms

Our consultation rooms are designed to be a simple and unintimidating environment. They are used for initial assessment of less critical patients and discussion with owners, prior to admitting animals for treatment. More critical cases will be transferred directly to the treatment area upon arrival.


Our surgery suite is equipped with advanced anaesthetic and ventilation machines complete with full monitoring equipment (including blood pressure, SpO2, PCO2, Body Temperature, E.C.G.), heating facilities, suction machines and more.


All hospitalised patients are monitored continuously throughout their stay. There are doctors and trained personnel on duty at all times. Your companion stays in a comfortable, clean cage visible to all of our staff. We discourage toys and blankets from home, as with the high amount of traffic it is difficult to guarantee that they will return home.

British Shorthair Cat Sitting On Its Hind Legs

Intensive Care Unit

Our Intensive Care Unit contains sophisticated monitoring and diagnostic equipment to look after the most critical of our patients.

Laboratory & Pathology Centre

We are fully equipped to run full blood profiles, clotting tests, microscopy, urinalysis, blood gases, electrolytes, hematology and more to ensure obtaining fast results – usually within minutes. This enables fast and accurate diagnosis and treatment.


We are equipped with X-Ray machines and an Automatic processing and developing machine.


We have a full range of emergency medication including blood transfusion products and antiserums for snake bites and paralysis ticks.