Cuddles – the dog that ate christmas

Where it all started…
On the 27th of November, Cuddles started to vomit at home and was very lethargic. Cuddles’ owner had noticed that a Christmas decoration which she had been playing with had gone missing. Cuddles’ was taken to her regular veterinarian, where she was placed on a drip, given pain relief, antibiotics and anti-vomiting medication. Despite this care, when Cuddles went home the following day, she continued to vomit, so she was taken to the Animal Emergency Centre for further investigation.

The diagnosis…
At the Animal Emergency Centre, Cuddles had exploratory surgery of her abdomen to determine the cause of her vomiting. During the surgery, the vet found the missing Christmas decoration. The decoration was two balls which were connected by ribbon. One ball was lodged in Cuddles’ stomach, and the other ball had travelled further along her intestines, with the ribbon still connecting the two balls. Unfortunately, this had caused some damage along the way, and she needed multiple incisions in to her intestines and in her stomach to remove the Christmas decoration.

Cuddles’ body had been through a lot, and she was hospitalised for an extended period after her surgery. During this time, along with other intensive treatments, she was given two plasma transfusions, pain relief, antibiotics and IV fluids, and monitored very closely.

The good news…
After four days of intensive care, Cuddles was able to eat and drink and was much happier in herself, and she was lucky enough to be able to return home to finish her recovery.

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