Our Veterinary Specialist Services

Chartreux Cat Lying Over A Cocker Spaniel Dog's Arm Cuddling Up Against Its Head

Costs & Payments

Unlike some human emergency services, the AEC receives no government subsidies. AEC clinics are funded entirely by generated income so fees are carefully set to ensure that the centres can provide all of the necessary resources for your special companions.

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Turkish Angora Cat Lying Against The Chest Of A Labrador Retriever Dog On A Green Lawn


Our consultation rooms are designed to be a simple and unintimidating environment. They are used for initial assessment of less critical patients and discussion with owners, prior to admitting animals for treatment.

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Cat And Dog Lying On Their Backs With Their Faces Curved Toward Each Other On A Green Lawn

Pet insurance

The AEC recommends pet insurance for all pets. Insurance allows vets to achieve the best outcomes for pets, rather than having to make compromises based on finances. High quality medical care costs a lot of money.

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