About AEC Vets

The first Animal Emergency Centre (AEC) at Mount Waverley was founded in 1975 when a group of Melbourne Veterinary Practitioners decided that a better facility was required to serve their clients when in need of emergency treatment. Centres can now be found in Melbourne at Mount Waverley, Moorabbin, Dandenong and Frankston, in Adelaide
at Norwood, in Queensland at Noosa, Kedron, Woolloongabba and on the Gold Coast, and
in Western Australia at Midland.

The AEC has over 100 dedicated veterinarians and veterinary nurses to ensure veterinary care is available around the clock. The AEC staff are highly qualified and skilled in emergency and critical care. A commitment to lifelong learning is an integral part of our ethos. We have a Consultant in Emergency and Critical Care to ensure that our protocols are regularly updated and all patients are treated with the very latest knowledge. Each AEC is equipped with a range of diagnostic tools of the trade and we are ready, willing and able to deal with emergency situations.

Border Collie Dog Sitting On Its Back Legs
Beagle Dog Standing Straight Legged

Trusted by thousands

At the AEC, we see thousands of pets each year. Whether you choose to visit the AEC or you are referred by your vet, be assured that your special companion will be professionally cared for, whatever the time of day or night.