Magpie Fledglings

Warning! Please read this paragraph regarding MAGPIE FLEDGLINGS.

Magpies have a 2 week period as part of their lifecycle where they live on the ground, learning to forage, hide, and strengthen their wings. Their parents are watching and do swoop to deter cats and dogs.

We understand it may be distressing to observe but it is part of their natural cycle.
We strongly advise that there is no need to bring fledgling Magpies to a Vet clinic unless there are obvious injuries.

Magpies are highly territorial and the adult pair in that same location will always be the parents.
It is far better for the wellbeing of the birds that fledglings are left alone unless obvious injury is observed.
If they are on the road please encourage them to the roadside.

Wildlife Carers are currently overwhelmed with magpie fledglings many of which do not require their attention.

If you present a fledgling Magpie to the clinic we may ask you to wait whilst health check if performed and for the member of the public to replace where they were found once given a clear bill of health.

This allows the carers to focus on animals in need and returns the juvenile birds back to where they belong as quickly as possible.