Stocking fillers for fido

Pets are great fun to buy presents for and often we buy gifts not so much for them, as for us! This year, alongside the treats and toys, consider some of the following gifts that will help keep your pet safe and healthy for the New Year.

A dog walking light that attaches to your dog’s collar so that on twilight walks your dog will be visible to others.
A new name tag and collar. Check the name tag on your pet’s collar, if it is difficult to read or your contact details have changed, replace it with a new one. Many pets are lost during New Year celebrations as pets may get scared and escape during firework displays. Ensuring your pet is easily identified with a collar and name tag, as well as a microchip, will maximise the chances of your pet making it back home if they do get lost.
Doggy Day Spa. Summertime is the perfect time to have your pet groomed as clipping the coat or stripping out the winter undercoat will help keep your pet cool. A relaxing hydrobath and pedicure are usually included in the price of a professional grooming session.
“Do” coffee with your pooch. Dogs love spending time with their owners. Why not shout your dog a puppuccino and a gourmet baked doggy cookie? Many cafes are dog friendly and offer a menu specifically for dogs.
A new pet bed. Just like other soft furnishings in our homes, pet beds can get heavy dust and mite burdens and some pets are allergic to these. The beds can also start to smell over time, making our pets smell too. Our older pets will also benefit if we ensure their beds are well padded and soft to help reduce the pain of arthritic joints.
Doggy toothbrush and chicken (or beef, or liver!) flavoured toothpaste. Dental disease is one of the most common health concerns in our pets today. Dogs can be taught to allow their teeth to be brushed which will improve your pets health and reduce odour from the mouth. It is a good idea to have your pet’s teeth checked by a vet once a year too, as a professional scale and polish may be needed to get your pet back on track with their dental health.

However, the most treasured gift that you can give your dog is your time. Any activity that allows you to spend time with your pooch will be priceless to them, and even have positive health benefits for you. It could be a new walking route, a bath and a brush out in the backyard, teaching them a new trick or even a belly rub in front of the TV.

We hope you and your pet have a Happy Christmas and New Year together!

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