Insect Bites

Young dogs especially, are prone to snapping at bees and other insects and getting bitten. This can be very painful and can lead to an allergic reaction. Most commonly the reaction is localised leading to swelling and itchiness close to the bite site (see Cooper below who was bitten on his face and developed a very swollen muzzle). If the bite site is in the mouth, this swelling can affect the airway. Other times, the reaction spreads around the body and wheals are seen on the skin, or  the pet may vomit and collapse. If your pet develops severe swelling/itchiness around the face or wheals and/or vomits, collapses or has noisy breathing after being seen around insects - please contact your regular veterinarian or the AEC as soon as possible. Prompt treatment will avoid problems and the good news is that it is very uncommon for dogs to develop severe anaphylaxis even with repeated bites.

    Puppy with swollen face