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Magpie Fledglings read more
Posted: 15/Oct/2015
We strongly advise that there is no need to bring fledgling Magpies to a Vet clinic unless there are obvious injuries.

Hypernatraemia in a Dog read more
Posted: 31/Mar/2015
An 18kg, kelpie cross presented to the Frankston AEC after a visit to the beach, where she had ingested a significant volume of seawater. After emerging from the water at the beach the dog vomited, collapsed and developed mild convulsions.

Massive Bee Envenomation in a Border Terrier read more
Posted: 26/Mar/2015
A 5 year old Border Terrier presented to the AEC at the Gold Coast with over 100 bee stings recently. Find out more about the case here.

Hot Weather Can Harm Pets read more
Posted: 23/Jan/2015
Heatstroke is one of the most serious conditions we see at the Animal Emergency Centre. It is life-threatening, requires intensive veterinary care, and is totally preventable.

Are Your Pets Part Of Your Bushfire Survival Plan? read more
Posted: 23/Jan/2015
While we often consider the devastating impact to property, land and family, have you considered including your pets in your Bushfire Survival Plan?

Thymic Haemorrhage in a 6 Month Old Dog read more
Posted: 15/Oct/2014
Written by: Dr Wey Yen Loh BVSc BVMS

Intra-Abdominal Spermatic Cord (Testicular) Torsion in a 4 Month Old Dog read more
Posted: 15/Oct/2014
Written By: Dr Justin Campbell DVM

Salbutamol Toxicosis in Dogs read more
Posted: 26/Aug/2014
Written by: Dr Rachel Peacock BVSc MVetMedSc MVS DipPractMgt MANZCVS Diplomate ACVECC A 9 month old female speyed Whippet weighing 11.8 kg was examined at the Hallam Animal Emergency Centre after her owners returned home and noticed a Ventolin multi-dose inhaler had been chewed up.

Spike Swallowed a Sewing Needle! read more
Posted: 04/Aug/2014
Spike is a 4 month old domestic short hair cat, who came to the Hallam AEC after his owners had witnessed him vomiting some cotton thread.

Top 10 Human Medications Poisonous to Pets Revealed read more
Posted: 26/Jun/2014
The Pet Poison Helpline offers tips for the prevention of pet poisoning caused by human medications

Not so pet-friendly snail pellets…... read more
Posted: 26/Jun/2014
Iron-based snail pellets contain potentially lethal amounts of iron despite being marketed as “pet friendly”. Both these and the more common snail pellets are poisonous to pets.

Misty's Dilemma - Eclampsia in a new mum read more
Posted: 10/Jun/2014
Eclampsia is a potentially life-threatening condition if left untreated. It usually occurs in the first four weeks of lactation.

Avoid a Valentine’s Day Emergency read more
Posted: 10/Feb/2014
Valentine’s Day is drawing near and many romantics will be planning a special day for their partner. At the same time, vets and nurses at the Animal Emergency Centre are preparing for the inevitable influx of animals that will have eaten something they should not have.

Happy New Year *BANG BANG BANG!* read more
Posted: 31/Dec/2013
New Year’s Eve and the festive season celebrations usually always involve fireworks. While most of us enjoy such a spectacle, these firework displays scare many of our pets.

Stocking Fillers for Fido read more
Posted: 19/Dec/2013
This Christmas, alongside the treats and toys, consider some of the following gifts that will help keep your pet safe and healthy for the New Year.

A fair warning to our skydiving pets read more
Posted: 02/Dec/2013
High Rise Syndrome (HRS) is a condition characterised by a collection of injuries sustained after animals have fallen from a height.

Maggie's Mishap read more
Posted: 20/Nov/2013
Maggie a five-year old cat was unfortunately trapped under an automatic garage door.

Household cleaning products, finger (paw) licking good? read more
Posted: 03/Nov/2013
After Rocky the cat walked over a freshly mopped floor with a pine-based disinfectant, his observant owner noticed that he continuously began to lick his paws..

Congratulations Dr Rachel Peacock! read more
Posted: 24/Oct/2013
The AEC welcomes back Dr Rachel Peacock – Consultant in Emergency and Critical Care

What Blood Type Is Your Pet? read more
Posted: 21/Oct/2013
Most people are familiar with the concept that there are four principal blood groups in humans. But did you know that animals also have blood groups?